A root canal procedure in Simpsonville SC is done to preserve your tooth. At the point you need a root canal, your tooth is already dead or dying because of an infection. If your dentist recently advised you to undergo a root canal procedure, you probably want to learn as much as you can about the treatment and what’s going to happen during the process. 

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What’s Going to Happen During Your Root Canal Therapy?

X-Rays and Physical Exam

Before getting any dental work done, your dentist will perform a physical exam after taking a new set of x-rays to ensure that every instrument used during the treatment is in the right location as the infected tissue is being removed. 

Application of Local Anesthesia

To numb the affected tooth and its surrounding area, you’ll be given full local anesthesia. However, if you’re struggling with dental anxiety, you can always request sedation to be calm and relaxed.

Placing of the Rubber Dam

The dentist places a rubber dam, a sheet of latex, over your mouth to protect the affected tooth from being infected by the bacteria inside your mouth. This will also prevent you from swallowing certain medications that may get inside the tooth in question.

Drilling, Cleaning, and Shaping Take Place

First, the dentist drills into the top of the affected tooth before using refined files and drills to remove the infected pulp. Next, the inside of the tooth is cleaned out and shaped.

Irrigation and Filling

Next, the dentist irrigates the main pulp chambers with water and an antibacterial agent before the insides of a tooth are thoroughly dried. The tooth is filled with a biocompatible filling material called gutta-percha to close it off to a possible infection. Once your permanent crown is completed, the temporary filling will be replaced. 

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