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Root canals are one of the most feared dental procedures that also happen to be one of the most necessary. Decayed teeth or rampant infection can threaten the health of your entire smile but root canals can prevent that from happening. If you need root canals in Greenville, come to Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

What is a Root Canal Procedure?

Tooth decay causes small holes in your enamel and dentin. Through these openings, bacteria can find its way to the center of the tooth which encases the pulp and root canal. If this area becomes infected, dentists need to conduct a root canal procedure to remove the infection and prevent further damage to the tooth.

What are the Signs of a Root Canal Infection?

You won’t be able to tell you have an infection until it’s advanced to the pulp of your tooth. At this point, your teeth will begin to experience sensitivity to hot and cold. Other symptoms include a dull to sharp pain that intensifies when you chew. Ultimately, only a dentist can properly diagnose a root canal infection so if you experience any of these symptoms, you should make an appointment.

What are the Benefits of Having a Root Canal Treatment?

  • Pain-free procedure
  • Healthier teeth
  • Improve the appearance of your teeth

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Trust the team of skilled professionals at Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to provide quality care for every procedure. If you are experiencing sensitivity or sustained pain, it might be the result of an infection. Don’t wait to make an appointment and call today!

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