One of the methods utilized in a smile makeover is the application of dental veneers in Greenville, SC. You apply personalized shells to your teeth to make them whiter, straighter, and stronger. The shape, size, color, length, and functionality of teeth can all be altered with dental veneers.

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How Long Will Dental Veneers Last?

Recognizing Veneers

Your teeth are made to withstand a lot of pressure and strain. We use them daily to chew, bite, rip, converse, and other things. A veneer must be strong enough to bear the same force while also being light enough to fit over your tooth without any gaps.

These tiny dental devices work flawlessly in their most recent versions. Your tooth is covered in sculpted composite resin and porcelain shells. Likewise, they mask any tiny flaws you were dissatisfied with.

Composite resin serves as the typical veneer. It is made with shades that naturally match your smile and is sturdy enough to serve as a tooth for many years.

The alternative is veneers made of porcelain. They resemble composite resin shells in appearance. They do, however, provide benefits that the conventional types do not.

Advantages of Veneers

It is highly challenging to distinguish the veneer from the natural teeth because their shades would be identical. Compared to their resin counterparts, porcelain veneers reflect more light, giving them a more natural-looking appearance. Additionally, porcelain is more naturally stain-resistant than tooth enamel and can withstand coffee and red wine.

Dental veneers provide advantages that go beyond only aesthetic ones. The tooth underneath is shielded from additional harm by this thin coating of material attached to it. However, this does not imply that the veneer will shield the tooth from decay and cavities any better than the natural enamel.

The patient will continue to be required to follow a proper oral hygiene regimen, which includes brushing their teeth at least twice daily, flossing once daily, and visiting a dentist on a regular basis for examinations and cleanings.

How to Select Your Veneers

It’s critical to comprehend the benefits of each type of veneer before deciding which one is the best investment. Of course, you can ask your dentist as many questions as you like, but this guide will give you a general idea of what to anticipate.

The truth is that the ideal material for you will depend on your specific requirements. Every veneer is an effective fusion of science and technology. The ultra-thin shells are made to precisely match your teeth while disguising any imperfections in your smile.

How to Make Veneers

No matter which kind of veneer you choose, the procedure starts with a dental impression. The basic composite resin veneers are then matched as precisely as possible to your smile using the impression. The mold is used to influence the design of the porcelain and custom-made veneers so that they perfectly match your teeth.

Standard composite resin veneers allow patients to have their new smile in as little as one dental visit. At Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we frequently have these shells on hand, allowing us to place them on the same day as your impression.

Don’t bother about anesthetic because the application process rarely causes pain. Placing your veneers can be the simplest dental procedure you’ve ever had!

Your new shells will arrive a little later if you select custom-made veneers. If you’re worried about the appearance of your teeth in the interim, ask the dentist about temporary veneers. Temporary shells are effective for roughly a week.

How Are They Fitted?

Before a veneer can be fitted and after your dentist concluded that you’re a great candidate for veneers, an impression of your teeth will be taken. The veneer will be made for the patient using the impression sent to a laboratory. A tiny portion of the tooth’s enamel will be removed before the veneer placement can be had.

The veneer is then applied to the tooth, and its shape and color are checked. Removing, shaping, and trimming the veneer once or more is frequently necessary to ensure that it fits precisely. Your dentist will glue the veneer to the tooth once the patient is satisfied with how it feels and appears.

After a few weeks, a follow-up appointment is typically scheduled to inspect the placement and comfort.

Expectations for Veneers

When it comes to procedures to restore your smile, dental veneers are a popular choice. They can enhance the functionality of your teeth even though they are often considered cosmetic operations.

At Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, many of our patients decide to obtain dental veneers to close gaps in their teeth because they find the condition unsightly. However, functional problems might also result from tooth spacing.

When there are spaces between your teeth, plaque and bacteria can build up along the gum line and cause tooth decay and gum disease. These problems frequently result in tooth loss and can make it challenging to eat.

Additionally, dental veneers can improve the functionality of your teeth that are worn down. Front teeth deteriorate over time due to dental erosion and teeth grinding. Eating becomes tough when your teeth are worn down. Too much wear on teeth also exposes dentin, which promotes serious tooth decay and structural issues.

Once their enamel is gone, some patients decide to have dental veneers. Patients who consume acidic meals or beverages, suffer acid reflux, or wash their teeth too vigorously frequently experience this.

Enamel protects your teeth, but when it is lost, issues like sensitivity can arise, making it challenging to brush your teeth, eat, and drink. If the enamel is lost, it cannot be replaced, which could result in dental decay and, eventually, tooth loss. Hence, enamel can be swapped out for veneers.

Finally, some patients decide to strengthen weak teeth with dental veneers. It becomes challenging to consume when teeth are weak since they are more likely to chip.

Patients with brittle teeth are frequently reluctant to bite into food for fear of chipping or breaking their teeth. This can be avoided with veneers, allowing you to eat the things you like.

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Get Your Dental Veneers in Greenville, SC

Make an appointment with the Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry staff if you’re interested in learning more about dental veneers or considering them to enhance your smile’s appearance.