Nowadays, teeth whitening in Greenville, SC, is widespread. Whitening strips are popular because these whitening strips seem safe and efficient. The ease of application of these strips adds to their attractiveness.

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What to Know About Teeth Whitening Strips

Avoid Consuming High-Pigmented Foods or Beverages After Bleaching

After applying the teeth whitening strips, give your teeth some time to shut their pores. Following the application of the strips, these pores will remain open for a few hours, increasing the likelihood that dark-colored meals and beverages will stain the teeth. Avoid eating or drinking anything with a dark color until later in the day or evening, including chocolate, coffee, soda, berries, and wine.   

Stay Away from the Gums

Although the bleaching ingredient in teeth whitening strips is not as intense as the kind used by dentists, it still has the potential to harm the delicate tissue of the gums. The whitening strip must not come into touch with the gums. If necessary, use scissors to cut the strips to match your teeth cosmetic contour.   

Sparingly Utilize Teeth Whitening Strips

Using these strips in moderation is undoubtedly safe. But applying it too much will make your teeth sensitive. The strips have the potential to permanently harm your gums and teeth if used at an exceptionally high frequency. Due to excessive exposure to the whitening agent, the strips can potentially destroy the enamel’s protective layer. Loss of teeth could be the outcome.   

Keep Your Whitening Even

Strips for teeth whitening must be applied precisely to the teeth. Keeping sight of the fact that teeth are difficult to completely cover with two-dimensional teeth whitening strips is crucial. There will always be some teeth that these strips won’t completely cover, no matter how careful you are. The teeth exposed surfaces won’t be as white as other mouth parts. Therefore, take your time with the application process. To achieve an even whitening, take your time and try your best to cover the teeth completely.   

Clean Your Teeth Before Applying

Brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush before applying the whitening strips. While it is permissible to use toothpaste before applying teeth-whitening strips, it is not strictly necessary.   

Sometimes, you must avoid using fluoride-containing toothpaste before applying the whitening strips because doing so could render the whitening agent ineffective.   

You need to use other whitening chemicals to make your teeth more beautiful. Be careful to rinse your mouth with water after brushing your teeth. Such tooth brushing and rinsing aid to open the pores that must be accessible for teeth to become whiter.   

Continuity Is Important

Teeth should be treated with whitening strips. Never miss a day! Applying your teeth whitening strips accordingly is essential throughout the entire time frame specified in the instructions. Most of the time, teeth whitening strips are designed to be used daily for at least two weeks.   

Pros of Using Teeth Whitening Strips

Most consumers find that using whitening strips does make their teeth whiter without any serious adverse effects.   

Whitening strips are practical, simple to use, and reasonably priced. They can be bought at almost any grocery store, pharmacy, or big box shop without a prescription.   

The amount of time needed is low since it may take only five minutes or as long as thirty, depending on the brand chosen. You can spend that time doing almost anything else, such as cleaning your home, exercising, or watching television because the strips fit snugly over the teeth.   

Cons of Sparingly Utilize Teeth Whitening Strips

  • Sometimes the glue fails, rendering the strips useless.
  • Too much use or too much time spent wearing the strips can harm the tooth enamel.   
  • Tooth and/or gum sensitivity is frequent.   

Whitening strips could not be practical depending on what stained the teeth. Over-the-counter whitening strips won’t be able to eliminate discoloration brought on by inadequate oral hygiene, tetracycline antibiotic used as a child, trauma to the tooth, or poor oral hygiene today. These stains frequently appear darker when compared to the remainder of the freshly whitened teeth.   

Reasons to Have Your Teeth Whitened by a Professional

Tailored to Perfection

Professional teeth whitening is tailored to a patient’s unique needs teeth whitening, every person has distinct requirements. While some people may only need to maintain the aesthetics of their teeth, others may need to consider severe tooth decay and discoloration.   

Therefore, it is crucial to customize the teeth whitening process to each patient’s unique requirements, which is possible with professional teeth whitening. Moreover, dentists can treat tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems without bleaching teeth.   

Safer Than Kits from the Shop

Extreme tooth sensitivity and enamel damage are unnecessary side effects of store-bought teeth-whitening products. The possibility of producing teeth sensitivity or harming oral health can be avoided with professional teeth whitening offered by a dentist.   

The usage of chemicals is a fact when it comes to teeth whitening. Your teeth can benefit significantly from a correctly administered teeth whitening treatment, but it frequently necessitates expert assistance to assure safety and success. 

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Have Your Teeth Whitened with Professional Teeth Whitening in Greenville, SC

In summary, these strips might be helpful, but as with any other over-the-counter product, read and abide by all instructions. Stop using the strips if you feel discomfort or other issues, and if those issues persist, get in touch with our dentists directly.