No one wants to get their teeth pulled. But unfortunately, we sometimes find it unavoidable. A tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves removing a tooth from its socket. Although our dentist in Greenville SC always prefers to keep patients’ teeth intact, as a last effort, some cases may require the tooth to be pulled.

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What May Cause the Need for a Tooth Extraction?

Severe Tooth Decay

When a tooth starts to decay and progresses far enough to reach the tooth’s center, it becomes at high risk of infection. If the infection is minor, a simple root canal could save the tooth! However, if the damage is too far gone, an extraction may be needed to stop the spread of infection.

Wisdom Teeth

Many of us have them, and unfortunately, most of us don’t have room for them. This lack of space can cause your wisdom teeth to become impacted or infected. An impaction is when your teeth start growing sideways – towards your other teeth.

Not having your wisdom teeth taken out can be painful because the infection can spread or because the rest of your teeth are being forced together. In order to avoid this, the dentist may recommend tooth extraction before you can tell anything is wrong to avoid a larger issue. Don’t ruin your beautifully straight teeth for the sake of your wisdom teeth.

Severe Injury to the Mouth

If you play a sport or get into a car accident, protecting your mouth and jaw should be a main priority. Once your mouth suffers a traumatic force and your teeth and jaw get moved around, your treatment may include tooth extraction. Of course, the dentist will work to save your natural tooth, but sometimes, extraction is the best option. Most often, extraction will take the pain away completely because it completely takes away the unhappy tooth.

who is the best dentist in greenville sc?

Do You Need to See a Dentist in Greenville SC?

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