There are two kinds of oral health problems – oral health problems that can wait until regular office hours and those that require a call to your emergency dentist in Simpsonville, SC. It’s important to be able to identify between what’s urgent and what’s not. Patients who fail to recognize an emergency situation often end up with permanent and irreversible damage to their teeth and gums. In other words, if you ignore a dental emergency case, the condition may worsen.

Who is the best emergency dentist Simpsonville SC?

When Is Emergency Dental Care Needed?

Consistent Tooth Pain

Not all toothaches are the same. Some toothaches can be relieved by taking over-the-counter pain killers, while others experience tooth pain that worsens over time. Furthermore, the pain may affect your quality of life and sleepless nights with an inability to focus on work. When the pain is persistent and sharp and doesn’t go away, you should definitely get a second opinion. Your emergency dentist must trace the root cause of the pain, whether it’s a tooth fracture or infection, to prevent further complications.

Tooth Damage

Broken, fractured, and chipped teeth may seem like nothing but a cosmetic issue, but the truth is, if you leave these problems untreated, they can be life-threatening from the risk of infection. A fractured tooth will cause your pulp chamber to be exposed.

Once nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues within your tooth become exposed to irritants and bacteria present in your mouth, it can cause an infection. Then, an infection can potentially travel to your bloodstream and cause sepsis. When you incur tooth damage, call your emergency dentist right away for more information.


Do You Need an Emergency Dentist in Simpsonville, SC?

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