When you’re in pain, it’s hard to focus on anything else. Whether it’s the toothache you had last night or the broken tooth that won’t stop throbbing, you want to make it stop. But to get the relief you need, you need to visit an emergency dentist in Simpsonville, SC.  

These dentists specialize in treating dental emergencies, which means that they can usually relieve your pain and allow you to return to your normal routine in no time. 

man suffering from toothache and needs an emergency dentist in Simpsonville, SC  

Common Emergency Dental Services

Toothache Relief

If you’ve been suffering from a painful toothache, it’s probably best to visit the emergency dentist right away. While pain medications can lower the pain down to a tolerable level, they may not solve the root of the problem.  

On the other hand, visiting your emergency dentist ensures that the root cause of your dental issue is inspected and addressed the best way possible.  

Root Canal Therapy

If you have a tooth that has been infected with bacteria, then the only way to save your tooth is to perform a root canal. An emergency dentist will drill out the nerve of your tooth and clean out the area. This process will stop the pain and infection and save your tooth.  

Although root canals can be uncomfortable, they’re far better than undergoing a more invasive procedure. You may also experience some temporary sensitivity as the nerve of your tooth will be repaired. This process is usually completed in one visit.  

Emergency Tooth Extraction

If your tooth has already become infected or broken, then an emergency dentist will extract it while you’re under anesthesia. They’ll scrape out the infected part of the tooth and extract any piece of it that has broken off. This is the most painful part of the whole process. However, emergency dentists can numb your mouth and administer sedatives to ease your pain. 

Although you may experience some pain post-extraction, you’ll be back to your normal routine soon. Because the procedure is usually completed in one visit, it’s the quickest way to get an infected tooth removed. 

Repair of a Loose Filling or Crown

If your tooth has been damaged while chewing or has cracked and is chipping away, then it’s time to call an emergency dentist. They can repair the damage while you’re under anesthesia and help you avoid more pain.  

If the damaged area of your tooth is cracked and chipping away, then it may be necessary to replace the whole crown. Because of the high level of care given to your tooth, you may experience some sensitivity after the crown is placed in. However, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your new crown in no time.  

Care for Dental Infection

You may not be aware that cavities and other dental infections can cause symptoms like sensitivity and pain, bleeding, and foul-smelling breath. An emergency dentist will be able to assess the seriousness of your infection and begin treatment with the right medications.  

They will also clean your teeth to remove the infection and help you eliminate the bacteria that causes it. When all the bacteria are removed, you’ll experience a lot less pain and discomfort.  

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that develop from the back of the jaw. Although they are not needed for regular eating or chewing, they can cause pain when they are impacted or when they protrude from the back of the mouth.  

An emergency dentist can remove the wisdom teeth without causing any damage to your other teeth. They’ll numb your mouth and administer sedatives to help you relax during the procedure. Because of this treatment, you’ll experience sensitivity after completing the procedure. This is usually the longest of the procedures, but it’s the safest and most effective.  

old man with tooth pain and needs an emergency dentist in Simpsonville, SC  

Get the Best Emergency Dentist in Simpsonville, SC, Today

Dental emergencies require immediate attention and care from an emergency dentist. But you may ask, “Why do I have to get an emergency dentist now even though I don’t need one?” That is because the swiftness of the delay in the response can significantly affect the outcome of your dental issue.  

If you’ve accidentally knocked your teeth out, having an emergency dentist that can immediately splint back the tooth to its original place will potentially save the tooth. On the other hand, when you don’t know who to call or where to go to during a dental emergency, it’s most likely that you’d say goodbye to your knocked-out tooth.  

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