Lost or missing teeth? Dentures Greenville SC is the perfect solution! To begin with, dentures are alternatives for your missing or lost teeth. It is generally available in two types – partial or complete dentures. Partial dentures are usually resorted to when there are only one or two missing teeth, while full dentures are used when your entire teeth fell off. 

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What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

Partial Dentures

If you still have your teeth in the lower or upper jaw, but a tooth is missing, you should get partial dentures. Most of it is made of acrylic resin materials and has two pieces attached in the mouth to hold the denture. Additionally, partial dentures are removable and convenient. Hence, you can easily remove it whenever you want.

Complete Dentures

On the other hand, if you have lost your entire teeth, you should get full or complete dentures. Dentures are dentures that serve as a replacement for all your natural teeth. You can have it fitted either at the bottom or top of your gum line. Moreover, it is stabilized in place by an oral adhesive or suction. Just like partial dentures, it can also be easily removed.

Other Types of Dentures

Apart from partial and complete dentures, there are also different types of dentures. Among the common types are economy dentures, upper dentures, overdentures, snap-in dentures, implant-supported dentures, immediate dentures, and custom dentures. Whatever type of dentures it may be, what’s important is that it’s convenient, perfectly fits your mouth, durable, and it looks like a natural tooth. However, do note that at first, your new dentures may feel awkward. The positive side is that you will become accustomed to it in just a few weeks.

who offers dentures Greenville sc?

Want to Know More About Dentures Greenville SC?

If you have any queries about your dentures or you feel like it is damaged, contact us and our experienced and highly-skilled dentists will immediately address your concerns.