A lot of people can feel intimidated by tooth extractions. For some, the thought of getting their tooth pulled out is painful and scary. In reality, tooth extractions today are virtually painless and a quick procedure. If you need to have your tooth pulled out, here are the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid and should do it immediately:

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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Oral Surgery

Tooth Extractions Today are Virtually Painless

Thanks to anesthetics, sedation dentistry, and advancement in technology, tooth extractions are painless and quick. You won’t feel any pain throughout the entire procedure, just pressure from trying to remove the tooth. If you have dental anxiety, sedation dentistry can help you relax in the dentist’s chair and get through the procedure without panicking.

Relieves You From Pain

A severely worn-down, infected, or decayed tooth can cause extreme pain and discomfort. It can disturb your sleep at night and stop you from focusing and accomplishing tasks during the day. If root canal therapy cannot save your tooth, having it extracted is your next best option. Once you have the damaged tooth pulled out, you will no longer feel that pain.

It’s a Rather Simple and Quick Procedure

Thousands of people across America have their teeth extracted each day. It’s one of the most common procedures in dentistry and can be done in less than an hour. Plus, an experienced dentist will be doing it for you, so there’s really nothing to worry about. You’re in good hands!

It Can Save Your Smile

If you delay having your damaged tooth pulled, you might compromise the overall health of your mouth. Decay or infection can spread to the rest of your teeth, which will require extensive treatments to restore. Having your compromised tooth extracted immediately will help save your smile.

where is the best tooth extraction simpsonville sc?

Where to Get Tooth Extractions in Simpsonville SC?

You have nothing to worry about undergoing tooth extractions because you’re in good hands. At Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, our experienced dentists will make sure that your tooth extraction is a quick and painless procedure. Contact us for inquiries!