Before veneers, dental bonding, and Invisalign in Greenville, SC, people used to have very limited options when it came to restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. Indeed, dentistry has significantly evolved over the years.  

Dentistry started way back in 7000 BCE in Pakistan. Researchers found that bead craftsmen used drills to extract teeth and remove tooth decay. Surprisingly, despite the lack of advanced tools, these procedures actually worked. Thankfully we have come along way, particularly with numbing agents and disinfectants.   

One of the biggest breakthroughs in the dental industry is the development of Invisalign. Now we can all have perfect smiles without the irritation of metal brackets in our mouth.  

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How Did Dentistry Start?

History of Dentistry

The first so-called dentists were considered barber surgeons and were popular in Europe during the start of the thirteenth century. People rushed to them when they needed an enema or a tooth extraction. It was only during the early part of the eighteenth century when their profession became exclusive to dentistry alone.   

Pierre Fauchard was hailed as the “Father of Modern Dentistry.” He was only fifteen years old when he started his surgical training in the French Navy and his interest lied in oral diseases. This interest was owed to his constant exposure to illnesses acquired by sailors at sea.   

Scurvy, or the seaman’s disease, was common at that time. These were typically due to a lack of vitamin C and is characterized by red, swollen, and bleeding gums.   

When Pierre left the French Navy, he started working as a dentist in France and earned a reputation as a dental surgeon. Pierre produced an essay on the foundations of dentistry in 1728 entitled Le Chirurgien Dentiste ou Traité des Dents, or The Surgeon-Dentists or Treatise on the Teeth.  

His treatise described the techniques used in: 

  • Restoring teeth and removing tooth decay 
  • Performing tooth replacement 
  • Orthodontic surgery 
  • Treating periodontal disease 

Advancements in dental technology escalated during the early 1800s. Giuseppangelo Fonzi, an Italian physician, introduced porcelain teeth. Simultaneously, Charles Stent created an impression compound, a discovery that has greatly contributed to the advancements in dental prosthetics. 

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History of Invisalign

Orthodontics evolved tremendously since Fauchard. Today, he’d be astounded by how advanced the industry has become. Invisalign alone is proof that dental technology has indeed come a long way.  

For decades, people had no choice but to accept their crooked teeth because there was no solution before metal braces were discovered. The invention of metal braces served as a beacon of hope to help millions of people in America achieve beautiful and healthier smiles.  

True enough, metal braces worked, but people complained because they were uncomfortable to wear, the treatment time was long, and the design wasn’t appealing. However, in terms of efficacy, they did a pretty good job. Although metal braces are still widely used today, people now have another option.  

Invisalign consists of a set of clear aligners that your orthodontist will ask you to wear for a specified time. Despite how simple and minimalistic the design, Invisalign is powerful enough to straighten your teeth and give you the smile of your dreams.   

Before clear aligners, people had one option and that’s none other than metal braces. It was in 1997 when Invisalign was introduced to society by a Stanford student named Zia Chishti. Chishti wore braces and when it was time to have the braces removed, he realized that the process was lengthy and inconvenient.   

His orthodontist had to scrape away traces of glue that made the brackets stick to his teeth and it took a long time to remove each bracket from every tooth. It occurred to him that he could find a quicker and more modern solution to achieving straighter teeth.   

The idea of Invisalign came to him when his orthodontist handed him a retainer. A retainer can take a few forms. Either it is a piece of plastic with its base sitting against the roof of your mouth and metal wires running across your teeth. Or they look very similar to what you are now mentally picturing as Invisalign. 

When he saw the latter, he was inspired to make something similar but shared the same function as metal braces. That’s when he invented Invisalign. 

The Invention of Invisalign

When Chishti went back to Stanford, he shared his idea with a partner named Kelsey Wirth. Together, they began researching and looking for ways to make their vision a reality. In the next year, they partnered with two others named Brian Frey Burger and Apostolos Lerios. The four teamed up and formed Align Technology–version one of what would later be branded as Invisalign.  

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Are You Interested in Invisalign in Greenville, SC?

Invisalign are clear aligners that work similarly to braces, but instead of metal, they are made of clear aligning trays that are molded to accurately fit your teeth. Through constant, gentle pressures, your teeth will slowly move until they reach the proper position.  

If you’re interested in Invisalign, we encourage you to book a consultation with us so we can check whether or not it’s the treatment you need. At Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we only use updated techniques and modern technology in providing personalized and comprehensive dental care to all our patients. If you want to know more about our services give us a call.