Do you think you have a potential root canal in Simpsonville SC on your hands? It can be challenging to know if dental work is required or if you just have to brush and floss more often – especially if your problem is at its early stages. Although only a dentist can tell you if you need to undergo an endodontic treatment, check out the signs that you should watch out for.

do i need a root canal in simpsonville sc?

Signs You May Need A Root Canal

Tooth Pain That Doesn’t Go Away

Patients who experience tooth pain might be dealing with other conditions that do not require root canal therapy. However, it’s best to get an early diagnosis and treatment when persistent tooth pain is felt deep in the bone, the tooth, or radiating to the face, jaw, or other teeth.

The Tooth is Chipped or Cracked

Eating hard foods, engaging in contact sports, or previous dental procedures that have gone awry can cause teeth to chip or crack. When this happens, the nerves beneath the tooth’s surface become more vulnerable to bacterial infection and discomfort. The sooner this gets treated, the better its outcome will be.

Prolonged Tooth Sensitivity

A damaged tooth root can trigger tooth sensitivity that often feels like a sharp pinch or a dull ache. Furthermore, this is usually noticed each time pressure is applied to the affected tooth, or when the patient consumes hot or cold foods and drinks. If this condition extends for weeks or months, the dentist may recommend a root canal treatment.

Deep Decay

Typically, when decay reaches the tooth’s base, no amount of basic oral hygiene can fix it. If left untreated, cavities may penetrate the tooth’s nerve and root. To save the tooth, the dentist may suggest a root canal and the placement of a dental crown.

do i need a root canal in simpsonville sc?

Do You Need a Root Canal Simpsonville SC?

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