It’s easy to ignore your wisdom teeth in Simpsonville SC if they don’t hurt. However, there are some cases where they could still cause a problem even if they don’t hurt. When certain complications that are associated with a problematic wisdom tooth take place, your dentist may recommend extraction.

where can i get wisdom teeth in simpsonville sc extracted?

Signs You Need Your Wisdom Tooth Removed


When your jaw lacks the space needed to accommodate your wisdom teeth, your third molar could become impacted. This could potentially lead to an infection below the gum line. Furthermore, gum disease can be very difficult to contain once it spreads to other areas in your mouth. A partial impaction can create a breeding ground for bacteria and increase your risk of infection.


Small cysts or tumors can develop in your jawbone if your wisdom tooth is impacted. These cysts can potentially trigger joint pain that would require TMJ treatment.


If your jaw doesn’t have enough room for your wisdom tooth by the time that it tries to erupt, your molars may push aside its neighboring teeth. Keep in mind that overcrowding can easily turn your previously straight smile into a crooked one.

Damage to Neighboring Teeth

When your wisdom tooth invades the space of its neighboring teeth, you’re more likely to experience cavities, as well as bone loss. Furthermore, this would eventually damage its adjacent molars.

More Challenging to Keep Clean

If there’s one thing you need to know about wisdom teeth, that they could still have a negative impact on your future dental hygiene. The lack of space may make it difficult for you to brush and floss around the area of your wisdom tooth. This could make your teeth vulnerable to cavity formation.

where can i get wisdom teeth in simpsonville sc extracted?

Do You Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth in Simpsonville SC?

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