Restorative dentistry is a term that dental professionals use to repair or replace missing or damaged teeth. Aside from restoring the function of your teeth, restorative dentistry also enhances their appearance. Some famous procedures used to replace missing teeth are cavity fillings, dental implants, and dentures in Simpsonville, SC.  

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Famous Types of Restorative Procedures

Cavity Fillings

One of the most famous procedures you can get is cavity fillings when cavities form in your teeth. When bacteria drill your teeth and form a hole in the surface, forming cavities, your dentist will fill the hole with composite material to protect the soft spot inside the teeth. The composite material used has the same color as your original teeth so that it won’t stand out and seem natural.  

Cavities need to be filled because they can further damage the tooth and oblige your dentist to extract it if it shows signs of irreparability.  

Root Canal

When the rot has reached the tooth’s pulp, your dentist will perform a root canal treatment to the damaged tooth. This procedure is done by removing the decayed portion and cleaning the remaining veins in the pulp. After that, your dentist will fill the tooth with a composite material, the same material used for cavity fillings, to protect the tooth from getting infected again. A root canal is part of the necessary initial steps that you need to undergo to save your tooth from dying.   

Dental Crowns

A damaged tooth appears to be broken or chipped. In this case, the tooth may be unable to perform the same functions expected from it. To solve this, your dentist may suggest you get dental crowns. 

Dental crowns are cap-like structures placed over the damaged tooth to restore its appearance, strength, and function. To put dental crowns in place, your dentist will shape and form your tooth to make room for the crown.  

Dental Implants

On the other hand, dental implants are the perfect option if you wish to get an alternative that poses low maintenance. Your dentist or oral surgeon will affix a titanium post into your jawbone through the socket of your tooth.  

After that, they will place the false tooth in place and cover it with a dental crown to imitate your natural teeth’ appearance, strength, and function. Unlike traditional dentures, you don’t need to remove dental implants, and cleaning them is like doing your regular oral health routine.  

Unfortunately, patients back off when presented with a seemingly higher price tag that goes along with getting dental implants. However, since dental implants are durable and longer-lasting compared to their counterparts, patients can save more down the line.  

Unlike traditional dentures, patients don’t need to visit their dentist every once in a while, to have them readjusted. The ongoing cost for adhesives used to keep dentures in place will also accumulate a significant amount of money. With all these figures taken into account, you can see why dental implants are more affordable in the long run.  

Dental Bridges

Another option available for replacing missing or damaged teeth is a dental bridge. As the name suggests, a dental bridge is a procedure used to bridge the gap caused by missing teeth. Typically, the bridge is attached to the abutment teeth on both sides to hold the false teeth in place. Just like their counterparts, dental bridges tremendously help in rehabilitating your teeth’ daily function.  


Dentures have long been available and helpful in replacing missing or damaged teeth. They can be fixed or removable depending on the preference and budget of the patient. Traditional dentures are removable and use adhesives to keep them in place. Traditional dentures have to be regularly removed so you can clean or brush them.  

The process may take a few weeks to complete. On the first visit, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth, which will be the basis for the dentures. After which, you will receive temporary dentures while the laboratory technician creates the permanent ones. After a few weeks, your permanent dentures will be ready, and you can already wear them.  

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Get Your Dentures in Simpsonville, SC

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