Dentures are affordable, simple to use, and adequate tooth replacements that restore your natural smile. When one or more of your natural teeth are missing, they also assist you in speaking and chewing properly. Ask a dentist in Greenville, SC, to know more about dentures. 

This superb dental treatment is an adequate tooth replacement for almost anyone, even though they are typically more popular among older people.  

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Why Should You Consider Dentures?

To Chew and Eat Properly

It’s undeniably challenging for people without teeth to chew and eat their food properly. They can only eat softer foods because they can’t chew hard meals. More so, they can’t really have any fruits, veggies, or nuts, which is sad because those are the best sources of minerals and vitamins. If you’re one of those who experience either of these issues, you should get dentures.  

Helps When You Have a Bone Loss Problem

Your jawbone won’t be stimulated if you have multiple missing teeth. It desperately needs simulation because it can’t keep its density without it. It will start to decay and shrink whenever the simulation is reduced to a minimum end.  

Also, your facial structure will start to change, making you appear older. Hence, it’s best to take advantage of dentures if you have bone loss problems and are the perfect candidate for this treatment. 

Simple to Maintain   

Seniors may find dentures more straightforward to maintain than natural teeth, especially when they have health problems, cognitive loss, or need caregiver assistance. Patients can remove their dentures at night and clean them quickly and efficiently rather than having to brush and floss them like natural teeth. 

A Range of Choices

The standard method for replacing teeth used to be complete sets; however, this isn’t always practical. Because they can replace a single tooth to more in a natural and comfortable fashion, partial dentures are the perfect answer. Generally attached to the adjacent teeth, they can be easily taken out for cleaning as necessary.  

Types of Dentures


When several teeth can still be salvaged, overdentures are the best choice to preserve the jawbone’s health. To retain a healthy tooth or implant in place, these devices are attached to the tooth or implant. 

Overdentures avoid using adhesives to save time and money. Traditional dentures require adhesives, which can interfere with your sense of taste. You can avoid the expense and bother of messy adhesives by using screw-retained overdentures instead. 

Likewise, this type can enhance the standard of your life. Overdentures can improve your physical and mental health by enhancing the appearance of your smile, speaking, and chewing abilities. 


Following a procedure to remove your remaining teeth, you will be provided with immediate dentures. These are typically used as a temporary solution while the healing process takes place before getting your final set of traditional dentures. 

Immediate dentures guard against irritation that could be brought on by the tongue and food at the delicate extraction areas. You may experience less discomfort if you have this type of denture. 


When a few or several of the remaining teeth are still present, partial dentures are used. To create the illusion of a full smile, they only cover a limited area. 

Unlike the more long-lasting options like dental implants, you can take out partial dentures whenever you wish. This makes cleaning them and your mouth simpler. 

Your teeth aid in keeping your mouth healthy and structurally sound. Together, they stabilize one another and promote jawbone growth. This delicate equilibrium can be disturbed by even one missing tooth, and your remaining teeth begin to migrate into the gap. Additionally, the area of your jaw close to the lost tooth may cause bone loss. 


When someone mentions dentures, you typically think of conventional dentures. Once all the remaining teeth have been extracted and you have recovered completely, you can cover the oral tissue that protects your jaw with two rows of artificial teeth. 

Choosing Full or Partial Dentures

Dentures come in a variety of styles. All patients, whether a senior, adult, or teenager, can qualify for either full or partial dentures. You can replace both rows of teeth or an entire row with complete dentures. Additionally, your dentist can work with you to create the ideal smile, considering tooth size, color, and shape.  

Partial dentures work best when they match your natural teeth. Patients can use these dentures to replace one or more but not all broken or damaged teeth.  

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Are you thinking of getting dentures to replace your natural teeth? Regardless of your age, self-assurance in your smile will keep you looking young. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry staff to learn about these efficient teeth replacements.