Tooth extractions Simpsonville SC include the removal of a tooth due to several reasons entirely. People may require tooth removal for reasons ranging from overcrowded teeth to tooth decay. Upon your scheduled appointment, your dentist will inject an anesthetic into your gums surrounding your tooth to prevent pain. Once the anesthesia takes effect, and before pulling your tooth out, he or she will loosen your tooth using a series of instruments. Once the tooth is removed, there are several ways to manage the pain. Read through the article to know more.

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Tips on Tooth Extractions 

What to Do

After tooth extraction, there are various ways to lessen the pain. You can start by getting plenty of rest, changing the gauze if necessary, use a cold compress if pain persists, and elevate your head when resting or sleeping. In using a cold compress, apply an ice pack to the affected area. However, you should never leave it for too long since prolonged cold compression may lead to tissue damage. Likewise, you can ask your dentist to prescribe you painkillers or pain relievers. Furthermore, eating soft foods rather than hard ones can help in the healing process. You can eat yogurt, pudding, soup, or experiment on food recipes.

What to Avoid 

Tooth extractions require that you avoid doing something that lets you exert more weight onto your body. Below are a few of the many things to avoid when you had your tooth removed.

  • Do not remove the blood clot – avoid smoking, spitting, and never use straws within 24 hours from tooth extraction
  • Avoid excessive rinsing as this can also dislodge the blood clot
  • Avoid eating chips, hard toast, candies, and foods containing seeds

what are tooth extractions Simpsonville SC?

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