Oral cancer is a fatal disease, killing over 9,750 Americans each year. That is why it’s highly recommended to practice good oral hygiene, avoid smoking, and visit your dentist regularly to keep your oral health at its optimum. It’s also encouraged to undergo oral cancer screening at least once a year, especially if you notice suspicious growth in your mouth. This way oral cancer can be detected and oral surgery Greenville SC can be performed while it’s still treatable. Here are the different types of oral surgery for oral cancer treatment:

Tumor Resection

This operation involves removing the entire tumor and some of the normal tissues surrounding the tumor. This is done to eliminate as many cancer cells as possible. For small tumors that are easily accessible through the mouth, no incision is needed, but for tumors that are larger and more difficult to reach, a slit in the neck or jawbone may be required.

Jawbone Resection

If you have a tumor that has grown into your jawbone, then a mandibular resection is necessary. In this procedure, a part or all of your jawbone will be removed, depending on the results of the x-ray. If the x-ray shows that cancer cells are present in the area, then your entire bone needs to be removed.


Glossectomy is an oral surgery that aims to treat cancers of the tongue. It involves the removal of the entire tongue if the tumor is big but if the tumor is very small then only a part of the tongue needs to be removed.

Neck Dissection

If cancer has spread to your lymph nodes then a neck dissection can be performed.

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These are just some of the oral surgery Greenville SC for oral cancer treatment. If you suspect you have oral cancer, then don’t hesitate to visit Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for a consultation and screening. For any inquiries contact us!