If the mere mention of the word “dentist” is enough to make you feel anxious, you may want to look for a dental health provider that offers sedation dentistry in Greenville SC. Unfortunately, many people are misinformed about this solution to dental anxiety and that’s why they avoid getting the treatment that they desperately need. So, to help you separate fact from fiction, here are some of the biggest misconceptions that surround sedation dentistry. 

Where to find Sedation Dentistry Greenville SC?

What are the Biggest Misconceptions About Sedation Dentistry?

MYTH: “There’s only one option for sedation.”

There’s more than one option available for sedation dentistry. Aside from oral sedation, qualified dental health providers may also offer to administer nitrous oxide, IV sedation, as well as general anesthesia. Furthermore, basic procedures often involve oral sedation or nitrous oxide. The more complex cases that require oral surgeries often make use of general anesthesia. So, no matter the procedure, your dentist should walk you through your options and their recommendation. 

 MYTH: “Sedation dentistry isn’t safe.”

Although some types of sedation may not be recommended for patients with certain medical conditions, sedation dentistry is completely safe. In addition to discussing your medical history, your overall wellbeing is monitored throughout the duration of sedation.

If you have any concerns going into an appointment with sedation, be sure to speak up and voice your thoughts. Your dentist is there to educate you on how your treatment may proceed. 

MYTH: “It’s only for people with severe dental anxiety.”

Although the effects of sedation dentistry can do wonders for people with severe dental anxiety, it can also benefit those who find it difficult to sit still for a long time or those who have a sensitive gag reflex. Sedation dentistry can help put you at ease during your procedure. 

MYTH: “It’s only reserved for complex procedures.”

Although sedation dentistry is used for major procedures, dentists also use them for visits as basic as regular teeth cleaning treatment. If the patient struggles with dental anxiety, your dentist may be able to use sedation dentistry during your routine visits. 

Where to find Sedation Dentistry Greenville SC?

Do You Need to Know More About Sedation Dentistry in Greenville SC?

There is no need to be wary of sedation dentistry! If you want to know more about what we offer at our practice, contact us to ask questions or to schedule your appointment.