Approximately 90% of people say that a person’s overall look is influenced by their smile. Therefore, many people choose braces or Invisalign® in Greenville SC, to get beautifully straight, healthy teeth.   

But which option—Invisalign or braces—is best for you or your child? Great question! The answer ultimately boils down to a few significant personal priorities and preferences.   

crooked teeth needing Invisalign in Greenville SC

Benefits of Traditional Braces 

Both conventional braces and the more recent, lingual, braces have many advantages. A few benefits include:  

Possible Speedy Treatment   

Braces can generally straighten teeth and close gaps faster than clear aligners. As many patients prefer to complete their orthodontic treatment as quickly as possible, treatment speed can be a significant aspect.  

Many Types to Choose From   

Not all braces consist of conventional metal brackets and wires. Patients can now choose between lingual and ceramic braces to make their brackets less obvious. So, if the appearance of metal bothers you, braces can still be effective without it.   

Possibly More Comprehensive 

The results of braces can be superior to those of Invisalign. The teeth can be moved more forcefully into the ideal position with the traditional method. There are restrictions on how many teeth can be moved simultaneously using Invisalign.   

Appropriate for All Treatments   

It makes no difference how complicated your case is if you have braces. This dental treatment can address any number of dental and facial problems, allowing you to complete your treatment with a stunning smile.  

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?   

Comfortable to Wear   

Similar to traditional braces, moving teeth with Invisalign can be uncomfortable. However, clear aligners also result in fewer mouth and gum issues. Contrary to braces, Invisalign aligners are custom-made in plastic, so you most likely will not need to worry about salt washes or cuts and wax. 

Fewer Consultations Are Necessary   

Most of the orthodontist’s work with Invisalign is completed before you wear your aligners. All personalized retainers are made in a laboratory using a 3D scan of your teeth and you’ll swap out the various pairs of retainers along the timeline of your treatment. Visits to the orthodontist are infrequent and only done to monitor development as there is no need for corrections.    

Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth Is Simpler   

You will take off your Invisalign aligners when eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. You don’t need to worry about anything on your teeth, so you may keep brushing and flossing normally.   

You Can Eat Without the Aligners    

Patients frequently ask, “Do you have to wear Invisalign constantly?” Some foods are uncomfortable or difficult for people to eat while they have braces. You can remove your aligners while you eat because Invisalign only needs to be worn for 20 to 22 hours daily for maximum results. This implies that neither your diet nor your eating habits need to alter because you can remove your aligners and pop them right back in.    

Aesthetically Pleasing 

The fact that the retainers are almost undetectable is Invisalign’s main advantage. Most people, like your friends, family, or relatives, cannot tell you just received orthodontic treatment. Patients of all ages who don’t like getting metal braces can highly benefit from this treatment.   

With Invisalign, you avoid a period where people tease you about your new braces. You won’t need to worry about how your smile looks in pictures. Your friends and family will notice how much better your smile is getting.   

Aftercare and Treatment   

It is advised to schedule routine orthodontic appointments whether you have clear or traditional braces. This often means once a month for braces and once every four to six weeks for Invisalign.  

You will also be asked to wear a retainer once your treatment is completed, to ensure the teeth stay in their proper alignment. Without it, you run the chance of your teeth shifting back to their original position.  

crooked teeth image showing the need for Invisalign in Greenville SC

Are You Considering Invisalign in Greenville, SC? 

Another aspect that many individuals consider when making this decision is merely comfort. Moving teeth from a crooked or twisted position into alignment will cause discomfort, whether using Invisalign or braces.   

Braces are often considered to be more painful for patients than Invisalign. Their metallic edges may be sufficiently sharp to pierce the lips or mouth. Additionally, wearing braces necessitates regular trips to the orthodontist, which prolongs the stiffness and discomfort for a few days. Patients with braces must avoid healthy or sticky meals because they harm the wires and brackets. Additionally, adequate oral hygiene is crucial since food may get caught in them.  

On the other hand, Invisalign trays are generally not very uncomfortable. Each new set of Invisalign trays may initially cause discomfort, but most patients quickly become acclimated to them. And because they are smooth, patients won’t be scratched or poked.  

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