Invisalign Greenville SC is a great way to straighten your teeth, especially if you’re looking for barely noticeable braces. It’s made from clear, smooth plastic material that fits securely around your teeth, making them virtually invisible and comfortable when worn. If you’re considering getting Invisalign, you must be aware of the possible issues you may encounter during your Invisalign journey. Here are the three problems that can arise with Invisalign and how to deal with them:

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What You Need to Watch Out For

Your Aligners Don’t Fit

Your Invisalign aligners should fit securely around your teeth for the treatment to work. If they don’t fit, try checking if you opened the correct set. You may have opened a pack that was meant for a later date. You should also check the edges of your aligners, because it may have folded inwards, preventing them from fitting correctly. If your aligners still don’t fit, visit your dentist asap.

Your Aligners are Broken

If your aligners are broken or torn, it won’t be able to move your teeth efficiently. So, it’s best to visit your dentist immediately for replacements. Some of the common causes of broken or torn aligners are excessive tugging during removal, teeth grinding, and not storing them properly.

Your Aligners Feel Too Tight

Aligners that fit too snuggly around your teeth can be difficult to remove. If you’re struggling to take them out, try doing the following:

  •   For your upper aligners, start from the roof side of your mouth. For your lower aligners, begin from the tongue side.
  •   Place your fingernail under the edge of the aligner that is located on your last tooth.
  •   To properly remove them, loosen your aligners on one side first and then the other by lifting your aligners away from the attachments, before removing them from your front teeth.

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Looking for Invisalign in Greenville SC?

Don’t delay seeking help from your dentist once you experience any of these issues, to avoid delaying your treatment. At Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer Invisalign Greenville SC at a reasonable price. Contact us to schedule!