Dental anxiety is something that impacts millions of Americans every year. When tooth extractions Greenville SC becomes necessary, you’re left with no choice but to face your fears and visit a dental office. A lot of people are afraid to go to the dentist because of their fear of pain, but with today’s modern technology, dentistry has now become virtually painless. There are new ways to help you relax during the procedure so you can receive the dental care you need. Aside from technology and sedation, here are some things that will help you overcome your fear of tooth extractions:

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What are the Best Ways to Overcome Dental Anxiety?

Remind Yourself That Tooth Extractions are a Very Common Procedure

Tooth extractions are performed every single day all over the world. Thousands of people have had this procedure done to them and have been completely fine. In fact, they are healthier when they leave the office than when they got there! There is nothing to be concerned about because your dentist is an expert at performing extractions.

Think About How Relieved You’ll Feel After

After an extraction, your tooth will no longer hurt and throb. The pain and infection that accompanied the tooth typically leave once it is removed. You can now sleep soundly at night and not be bothered at school or work by any lingering pain. 

Remember That Avoiding the Extraction Will Put You in More Pain

Avoiding the issue will only make it worse and the pain will continue to worsen over time. A simple problem can advance and turn into something more extreme, leading to an infection or worse. When this happens, you will need to undergo extensive procedures and longer healing time. Addressing dental issues as soon as possible help prevent them from developing into something more serious. 

Recovery is Quick

The best part of this is you’ll only need 24 to 72 hours to recover from your extraction. The closer you follow your dentist’s post-op instructions, the more likely you are to recover quickly and fully.

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Where to Get Tooth Extractions Greenville SC?

At Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, our team of experienced dentists will guarantee that your tooth extractions Greenville SC is a success. Contact us for inquiries!