The fact that you’re browsing our site means that you know how significant your oral health is. But are you aware of the various foods that can damage your teeth? Dentist Simpsonville SC puts down the common foods that can affect your teeth.

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Foods That Can Harm Your Teeth


Ice is not for chewing, but for chilling. Eating ice will leave your teeth susceptible to numerous dental issues or damage your enamel. Thus, it would be best if you broke that habit of grinding your teeth on the ice.

Sour Candies

You’d be surprised how many people believe that eating sour candies won’t affect your teeth. However, a dentist typically suggests that sour candies comprise different kinds of acids, and they are often chewy, which means that it’ll stick to your teeth for several minutes. Hence, if you’re craving sweets, it’s better to get a chocolate bar rather than chewing sour candies.


Regular exposure to acidic foods can damage enamel and promote tooth decay. Hence, even a lemonade can affect your teeth if frequently used. Aside from developing tooth decay, it can also aggravate mouth sores.


Apart from getting you drunk, alcohol causes dry mouth, which prevents the production of saliva. Several dentists are inclined with the idea that saliva helps in keeping your mouth healthy. It aims to fix early signs of oral infections, gum disease, and tooth decay. Thus, dry mouth caused by alcohol will develop dental issues in the long run. 


Tea and coffee, in its natural form, can be useful for your health. Unfortunately, if you’re one of those who can’t resist sugar in their coffee, you’ll soon have the same effect produced by excessive consumption of alcohol – dry mouth.

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