If you’ve never experienced a dental emergency, you’re probably unaware of the steps you need to take when such a situation occurs. Should you find yourself dealing with a knocked-out tooth, abscessed gums, or broken teeth, you need to see an emergency dentist in Greenville SC right away. Otherwise, you might end up losing your tooth.

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Why Shouldn’t You Ignore a Dental Emergency?

You Could Save Your Teeth

You’re required to seek immediate dental care if you’ve suffered a traumatic injury that left you with a chipped, broken, partially-dislodged, or completely knocked-out tooth. Make sure that you carefully pick up the pieces of your tooth and bring them to the emergency dentist’s office. Keep in mind that seeing an emergency dentist as quickly as possible increases your chances of saving your tooth.

You Could Get Pain Relief

It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing the dull yet persistent pain of a decaying tooth, the severe and throbbing pain of a tooth abscess, or the sharp sting of a knocked-out tooth. You’re going to feel more pain in the affected area if you wait before receiving the appropriate treatment. 

Any dental pain and discomfort would require an appointment with an emergency dentist. Depending on your case, emergency dental care could involve complicated or straightforward dental procedures to address the issue. It could also include prescription medications that can help alleviate the pain.

It Reduces the Risk of Infection

Aside from avoiding pain, emergency dental care will also help you steer clear of harmful infections. In case you’re wondering, dental infections can arise from traumatic injuries that have affected the patient’s mouth.

Choosing to leave this issue unaddressed will cause the infection to spread to the other parts of your body. When this happens, your risk for more substantial health issues increases.  

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