Dental emergencies can happen without warning, and knowing how to respond in such situations can help lessen the graveness of the condition and save your smile. Every minute counts, so when you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to apply first aid and go to the nearest emergency dentist Greenville SC. Here are the common dental emergencies:

Knock Out a Permanent Tooth

If an accident or injury results in the dislodgement of your permanent tooth, then take action fast. Pick up the tooth only by the crown. If possible, try to place it back into the socket in the correct orientation. If not, then place it in a small container with fresh milk. Go to an emergency dentist immediately.

Mouth Injury or Trauma

Non-stop bleeding of the soft tissues in your mouth or a jaw injury that results in distorted jawline requires immediate medical attention. In case of soft tissue laceration, if bleeding doesn’t stop, then make sure to apply pressure on the area using a gauze until you get to an emergency dentist. In case of jaw injury, keep your face still until emergency assistance arrives.

Abscessed Gums

An abscess indicates that you have an infection underneath the surfaces of your mouth. If left untreated, it can spread to other areas and jeopardize your health. Go to an emergency dentist ASAP.


Swelling is also a sign of a serious dental infection. If you notice any swelling in your mouth, do not wait. Go to an emergency dentist right away.

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During a dental emergency, apply first aid immediately and then get to the nearest dental emergency dentist Greenville SC. At Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, our clinic is open to serve you for all your emergency needs. Contact us for inquiries!