Have you ever swapped stories with friends about wisdom teeth? Maybe your cousin breezed through the process with no issues, while your friend had to bid farewell to all four of their wisdom teeth in Simpsonville, SC. Or perhaps you’re the lucky one who only had to deal with one pesky molar.  

So, with these varied experiences, it’s normal to wonder: Are we all supposed to get wisdom teeth? Are they a rite of passage for everyone, or is it perfectly normal to be without them? Let’s find out! 

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When Do Wisdom Teeth Come In? 

Wisdom teeth typically emerge during the late teenage years or early twenties, although this timeline can vary among people. Most commonly, they make their appearance between the ages of 17 and 25. However, some people may experience them erupting earlier or later. 

Why Do We Have Them, and Do We Need Them? 

The presence of wisdom teeth dates back to our evolutionary past when our ancestors had larger jaws and needed extra molars to grind tough, unprocessed food. However, with changes in diet and jaw size over time, wisdom teeth have become less necessary for survival.  

While they served a purpose in the past, they often pose more problems than benefits in modern times. Many experience issues such as overcrowding, impaction, and infection due to the presence of wisdom teeth. 

Does Everybody Get Wisdom Teeth? 

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone develops wisdom teeth. Research suggests that around 5% to 37% of the population is born without them. So, if you find yourself without those extra molars, there’s no need to worry. It’s completely normal. Our bodies have their own unique ways of developing, and sometimes that means skipping out on wisdom teeth altogether. 

Additionally, even if you do develop wisdom teeth, it’s also normal to have fewer than all four. Some people may only have one or two wisdom teeth emerge, while others may have all four.  There are also cases where people have wisdom teeth that never erupt and go unnoticed, as they may never cause any problems. 

Why Do Some People Not Get Wisdom Teeth? 

Several factors contribute to the absence of wisdom teeth in certain individuals: 


Genetic predisposition plays a significant role in dental development. Just as traits like eye color and hair texture are inherited, the presence or absence of wisdom teeth can also be influenced by our genetic makeup. Some people may simply inherit genes that result in the absence of wisdom teeth. 

Jaw Size and Development 

Another factor to consider is jaw size and development. Some people may have smaller jawbones, which may not have enough space to accommodate wisdom teeth. In such cases, the wisdom teeth may not develop fully or may not erupt through the gums. 

Other Influential Factors 

Exposure to chemotherapy, certain viruses, various medications at a young age, and even local anesthesia injections during early childhood can potentially influence the development of permanent teeth, including wisdom teeth in Simpsonville, SC.  

If I Have Them, Do I Need to Get Them Extracted? 

If you have wisdom teeth, whether or not you need to get them extracted depends on various factors. Here are some considerations: 

  • Alignment: If your wisdom teeth are properly aligned and not causing any issues with your bite or neighboring teeth, extraction may not be necessary. 
  • Impaction: Impacted wisdom teeth, which are trapped beneath the gum line or only partially erupted, can lead to problems such as infection, gum disease, and damage to nearby teeth. In such cases, extraction is often recommended to prevent complications. 
  • Crowding: Wisdom teeth can sometimes contribute to overcrowding in the mouth, especially if there isn’t enough space for them to fully erupt. Extracting them can help alleviate crowding and prevent misalignment of other teeth. 
  • Risk of Future Problems: Even if your wisdom teeth aren’t currently causing any issues, your dentist may recommend extraction as a preventive measure to avoid potential problems in the future.  

When to See a Dentist 

It’s important to see a dentist if you experience any symptoms related to your wisdom teeth, such as pain, swelling, difficulty opening your mouth, or signs of infection. Additionally, regular dental check-ups allow your dentist to monitor the development of your wisdom teeth and intervene if necessary to prevent potential complications. 

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Need Help with Your Wisdom Teeth in Simpsonville, SC? 

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