Ever wonder what your dentist may be thinking every time he/she peers into your mouth? This may make you feel vulnerable, but don’t worry, your dentist understands that. You probably know that your dentist Simpsonville SC likes to see your every six months, but no one wants to see the dentist. The best way to overcome this is to educate yourself to make the experience less nerve-wracking and more pleasant. After all, your dentist only wants to make sure your dental health is in good condition, and you’re free from cavities and gum problems.

Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Your Oral Health

The benefit of climbing into the dental chair is not only to keep your smile looking great. Dentists are experts in far more than teeth. Just as you see your primary care physician for physical checkups, regular dental visits help ensure your oral health is on track. Here are some of the things your dentist would like you to know and talk about:

There’s a Right Way to Use Your Toothpaste

In addition to taking your time brushing, allow the toothpaste to sit on your teeth because the longer your toothpaste is in contact with your teeth, the more effective it is. Brush and spit out the foam, but then wait for at least half an hour to rinse.

Certain Medications Can Increase the Risk of Tooth Decay

Adults that have had perfect oral health for years can still experience tooth decay. Many medications like anti-anxiety medications and medications for blood pressure can reduce salivary flow, which causes dry mouth and increases the risk of decay. Always let your dentist know of any medications you’re taking.

Brushing Right After a Meal is Bad for Your Teeth

If you just had a meal or perhaps a cup of coffee or glass of wine, don’t rush for the toothbrush just yet. Brushing after consuming acidic foods or drinks can soften the tooth enamel. Wait for an hour to brush or rinse your mouth with water first.

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Why See a Dentist?

Tooth pain or other dental issues can be overwhelming. Seeing your dentist Simpsonville SC at Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for a routine checkup will ensure excellent dental and overall health. If you have any questions about the dental services we provide, contact us today.