Root canal Greenville SC is a treatment that aims to save your tooth from getting extracted. It is done to get rid of the infection in your tooth and seal it off, preventing future contamination. This procedure is ideal because you get to keep your natural tooth, allowing you to save thousands on a tooth replacement. Unfortunately, some people prefer to have their tooth extracted instead of saving it because of myths and misconceptions surrounding root canals. To clear things up, here are some common root canal myths, debunked.

What are the Common Myths and Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatments?

Root Canals are Only Necessary if You’re Experiencing Pain 

After causing you so much pain, the infection can kill the nerves in your tooth, making you feel numb in that area. Because of this, you may feel like the infection has cleared up by itself, but it hasn’t. You don’t feel pain because your tooth is dead and the infection is still there. You need to undergo a root canal treatment right away, so the infection doesn’t get worse. If left untreated, it could spread to your neighboring teeth, which could lead to another tooth loss or into your bloodstream. 

Treatment is Painful 

Advancements in dentistry have led to painless procedures and treatments, including this treatment. Getting a root canal treatment can just be as painless as receiving a filling. The process aims to provide relief from pain, not cause it. 

Doesn’t Have Any Permanent Benefits

Root canal treatment can relieve you from severe toothaches. It also helps preserve your decontaminated tooth from future infections. As long as you practice good oral hygiene, take care of your crown, and visit your dentist regularly, root canal results are long-lasting.

There’s No Point Because an Extraction is Imminent Anyways

As long as your root canal treatment is properly carried out and as long as you practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly, your restored natural tooth can last a lifetime.

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Where to Get the Best Root Canal Greenville SC?

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