If you didn’t know, root canal Simpsonville SC is one of the most controversial topics in the world of dentistry. Several dentists are of the knowledge that undergoing a root canal treatment is the ideal solution to repair infected or damaged teeth. Instead of removing the tooth, dentists drill into the center, clean it, and seal the canals with fillings. 

what is a root canal Simpsonville SC?

Root Canal Complications Misunderstood

Untreated Root Canal Complications

Since the root pulp is filled with nerve endings, connective tissues, and blood vessels, it can be easily penetrated and infected if there is a cavity or crack in your tooth. Thus, it needs to be treated through root canal treatment. If left untreated, it will result in infections, toothache, swelling, bone loss, and total abscess. Thus, patients must visit the dentist to treat the condition and to prevent any complications.

The Cancer Myth and More

A lot of people say that root canal treatment is one of the causes of cancer. This is a myth! There are no proven studies to support this claim. The American Association of Endodontists even contends that multiple studies have shown that root canal Simpsonville SC are safe procedures. Aside from the cancer myth, there are also other myths surrounding this treatment. Some say that root canals cause Alzheimer’s disease, while others say that tooth extraction is always better than root canals. Whatever the myths say, only dentists who specialize in this field can attest whether or not these are true. Without any justifications or proven studies, the legend holds no water.

what is a root canal Simpsonville SC?

Want to Know More About Root Canal Simpsonville SC

There are moments when a patient who underwent root canal treatment may experience an allergic reaction, visible swelling, pressure, or pain. However, these are mere sensations caused by sensitivity. If it persists, several post-treatment cares available. Please schedule an appointment today to know whether it’s feasible for you to get a root canal treatment.