Have you ever wondered why more and more people choose to repair their cavities and tooth decay with composite fillings? Our cosmetic dentist in Greenville SC uses this treatment to bring back your beautiful and healthy smile. Let’s take a closer look at what these white fillings can offer.

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What Are the Benefits of Composite Fillings?

They Resemble the Color of Your Natural Teeth

Composite fillings allow the dentist to blend colors and match your natural teeth. Thanks to its tooth-colored appearance, people won’t be able to tell it’s even there!

They Don’t Require Much Drilling

Perhaps you’ve heard about amalgam fillings and how they require a large portion of your natural tooth to be removed along with its decayed sections. However, this results in a weakened tooth structure. Alternatively, with composite fillings, only a small portion of your tooth will be removed. Additionally, it strengthens your natural tooth once the filling bonds to it.

They Harden Quickly

After the dentist places the composite filling in your tooth, a curing light is positioned over the filling to harden the bonding agent. In most cases, this causes the filling to be completely hardened within a few seconds.

Fewer Instances of Tooth Sensitivity

The resin material aids in insulating your natural tooth against hot or cold temperatures. This means that unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings will less likely cause tooth sensitivity.

They Can Be Used to Fix Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Aside from filling cavities, composite fillings are also used to repair chips and cracks in your teeth. Your dentist can even use them to create veneers, giving your natural teeth a whiter and brighter appearance.

where can i find a cosmetic dentist in greenville sc?

Do You Need to See A Cosmetic Dentist Greenville SC?

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