Typically, different age groups have distinct oral health care needs. If your family consists of toddlers and older people, it’s best to have a dental professional who can cater to each of their dental concerns. Thus, opting for a dental clinic that specializes in family dentistry in Greenville, SC, is the best way to go. 

Not everyone knows there are family dentists out there that can look after their entire family’s teeth. This is especially important if you have children since they are more susceptible to cavities and need regular checkups.  

On the other hand, older people carry an entirely different set of issues like missing teeth or a weaker jawbone, which you and your toddler may not be facing yet. 

family dentistry in Greenville SC explaining things to an attentive family 

What Do Families Get from an All-Around Dentist?


We understand that you could be busy with your work and that you can probably set aside only a day to cater to your whole family’s individual dental needs. Therefore, imagine having to spend that one day hopping from one clinic to get your teeth cleaned and checked, then to another so your toddler can meet with their pediatric dentist.  

After that, you go to another clinic to get your teenager their braces. This scenario sure looks exhausting to you, right?  

However, when you have a family dentist that can handle your entire family’s dental needs, you save so much of your energy and money from traveling from one place to another.  

Moreover, family dentists who have extensive experience with treating children also know how to handle them properly. Do you have a child who keeps running away from their dentist? This causes you stress and takes away what could have been an opportunity for you to relax.  

Thankfully, these dentists know what to do in specific situations like this, so you can focus on getting the best treatment for your dental woes, as well.  

Well-Recorded Dental History

Dentists have a record of every dental issue their patients have. Some of these dental issues are hereditary, meaning they can be passed down to the next generation. Hence, family dentists can easily spot signs of a recurring dental issue with their knowledge based on other family members’ records.  

At the same time, you won’t have to explain or recall past diseases, oral surgeries, or treatments you had since your family dentist already has all of them on record.  


It takes so much from a person to be completely vulnerable and openly discuss things with their dentist. In dental appointments, trust is a far-reaching element your dentist requires from you. If you trust your dentist, you can honestly tell them everything about your dental concern.  

In turn, your dental care provider can also diagnose symptoms accurately and administer the best possible treatment.  

Preventative Care

The adage that goes, “prevention is better than the cure,” very well applies in oral care, as well. With good oral health practices regularly done, you can ascertain that you won’t have plaque buildup around your teeth.  

Children need to understand this, and what better way to learn it than from your family dentist. With their experience and expertise, surely, they can effectively make your children comprehend the gravity of such practice.  

Suitable Scheduling

Family dentists know and understand how hectic your schedule as parents can be. Thus, they are more understanding of your missed appointments or late arrivals to the clinic. Additionally, you can also count on them should a dental emergency arise. It can be too much to think of whom you can turn to while a dental issue is staring you right in the eye.  

Thankfully, they are more than willing to accommodate you even after their work hours to address any dental issue you or your family members may be facing at the moment. You can easily dial that number you may even have already memorized and rush to the clinic for an unscheduled appointment.  

family dentistry in Greenville SC catering to a woman and a young girl  

Looking for a Dentist with Experience in Family Dentistry in Greenville, SC?

Without a doubt, having a family dentist saves you from a lot of trouble, so it’s something you shouldn’t shun away. While dental anxiety is a thing, having a family dentist you can trust and work well with makes every dental appointment as comfortable as can be.  

Children may dread sitting on a dentist’s chair, but with someone they have formed a bond with, we’re pretty sure your children could ease out on the fear and relax during the procedure. 

At Pelham Links Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we go above and beyond to treat our patients and educate them in developing good oral habits for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. We promise to provide every service with a smile as we work on beautifying yours. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you.